Paul Craddock 08/04/2014 at 9:08 am #

Caroline is truly a talented music teacher, Who knows how to get the best out of you so much patience to sum her up one word “BRILLIANT!

Jeannie 15/05/2014 at 4:28 am #

CD Music is my extended family, all the children are lovely
Friendly extremely talented kids. And without Caroline
My son Cole and I wouldn’t of made life long friendships.
Caroline is not just an amazing Teacher ,who is all about her students.
But an inspiration with her work to charity’s , helping community’s , confidence building
Love you Caroline xxx

Jane Shorrock 26/04/2014 at 8:49 pm #

Brilliant website well done everyone :-)))

Maureen Grice 09/06/2014 at 9:18 am #

Caroline is a fantastic example of a true teacher, the time she invests in her students musical development and confidence is amazing. Thank you CD Music x

10 comments on “Testimonials

  1. Jenny

    My Daughter has only been going to CD music a short time and already feels a part of the CD music family. Jessica’s confidence has grown so much along with her vocal range and performance skills. Caroline Darbyshire truly is a wonderful Tutor and goes above and beyond what she needs to making sure that her pupils are constantly supported and are reaching their full potential

  2. Jeannie

    Jenny I agree Caroline is not only THE best tutor, but such a good friend.
    My son has been with CD Music for 4-5 years , and Cole was a very shy little boy.
    Caroline really got to know and understand Cole, and he excelled . Performing and singing his heart out with the Music Family and of course our gorgeous ,little fluffy Mascott Henry. Cole grew in confidence and Won a full scholarship at Sylvia Young Theatre school. And has done numerous things e.g The Queen’s diamond Jubilee, Singing with Francis Ruffelle (who was the original eponie in Les Mis) also with Robbie Williams. That is just a few , without Caroline guidance Cole may of not been as confident . I am truly grateful and blessed I found her . Anyone who has any musical talent from playing music to singing I do highly recommend Miss Caroline Darbyshire .I can promise you will not be disappointed

    1. Caroline

      Thank you so much Jeannie for your beautiful words. Cole was born to sing and perform, it’s in his blood and what a great supportive family he has. Lots of love always Caroline xxx

  3. Caroline Darbyshire

    Thank you everyone for your very kind and thoughtful messages it is much appreciated. Im so grateful I have some fabulous and talented pupils who are so keen to do well! I hope you all got your tenners!! xx

    1. Caroline

      Thank you very much Claudia for such lovely words. You know how I feel about you and all what you’ve achieved. This message would be endless. Just keep going, work hard, and keep being the person you’ve always been and your’ll go a long way in life and your career. Lots of love always Caroline xxx

  4. Claudette Ann Girvin

    I fisrt started C.D music when i was 18 nearly 6 years ago now and i have never looked back! I had no confidence at all! I couldn’t even sing infront of a small crowd without breaking down. And then my life completey changed when I met Caroline. Not only did she give me the confidence i needed, but she supported and believed in me when nobody else did. She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes in the pub and club scene, got me auditions for work,helped me with getting the right equipment and taught me how to work a crowd and put on a good show. If it wasn’t for this lady I WOULDN’T! be where I am today and I will never forget that ever!!! Caroline is not only bin a amazing mentor but a great friend that I know i will have for life. It’s amazing to look at C.D Music now and how far It’s come and thats all down to this amazing ,wonderful woman that i feel blessed to have in my life. C.D Music is not only a academy but a family filled with love and laughter and you won’t find any over place like it..no money can buy the passion and time this lady puts into her students

  5. Caroline

    Thank you Jenny for your kind words. You have a very talented daughter Jessica, not only as a brilliant singer and performer, but a wonderful person with great character, personality and so much fun and laughter to be around. We are so glad Jessica is a part of the CD Music Family. The dynamics have shot up!! Xxx

  6. Caroline

    Thank you Maureen for your kind comment. Elly has achieved so much, particularly within the last couple of years. Her confidence and performing has grown unbelievably fast and it will be very interesting to see where next? Xx

  7. jane

    CD Music/Caroline
    Thankyou for all your support for not only to my daughter Emmajane but also to me. You have been my rock over the past 10 months. Not only a great teacher. A lovely friend. Thank you

    Jane x

    1. Caroline

      Thank you Jane for your beautiful words. You are a great friend to me as well. xxx

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